Experiencing a Tooth Extraction

It is one of the worst fears for many people – their dentist saying they must have a tooth removed. Perhaps you are scared of the dentist in the best of circumstances, and you are now experiencing a panic attack. Do not worry. A tooth extraction is normal and you will get through it without any problems.

Preparing For the Procedure

Your dentist will likely schedule the molar extraction new braunfels at a convenient time. It is best to choose a Thursday or a Friday, as you can take the next day off work and rest for the weekend.

Ensure you are not eating too much the night before your procedure, or the same day. Have a light meal that you know will be easily digested and not leave you feeling bloated or cramped the day of your extraction.

Keep some soft foods in preparation for the next days as well. Ice cream, yogurt, clear soups, jello, and similar soft items are great when you have a tooth removed.

Visiting the Dentist

Remember that you should come at least 15 minutes early to your appointment. In case you have to fill out any paperwork, you should be all set before it is time for you to see the dentist.

Then you will go through the process of anesthesia. If you are having one or more teeth removed, you are likely going to be put in local anesthesia. It is good enough to numb your entire mouth, but keep you awake throughout the process.

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Do not panic during the procedure, especially if you cannot feel your mouth as the dentist starts to work. That is the intention of the anesthesia. You will notice an impact on your mouth, but the nerves are “asleep” so you will not experience any pain.

Ensure you have some pain medication at home to take when the anesthesia wears off after a few hours.