Benefits Of LED Light Therapy

led light therapy benefits boulder

Before running through the benefits of LED light therapy, here’s some interesting facts. LED light therapy was originally developed by space giants NASA to conduct plant growth experiments on space shuttle missions. Today, the led light therapy benefits boulder aestheticians and their patients in a number of ways. The tide of ageing has been reversed. This is the color red. The color blue is being used to treat acne.

Here are the benefits. LED light therapy, red and/or blue, is safe, convenient, inexpensive or cost-effective and efficiently and accurately driven. One of the safety features of LED light therapy is that it contains no ultraviolet rays. No burns are caused, there’s no chemical peels either. Convenience-wise, would you believe that a LED light therapy doesn’t even take thirty minutes. But a once a week visit is necessary.

And this lasts for ten weeks. And after that, only once every other month. One single LED session doesn’t even reach a hundred dollars. But the price does depend on the area. Home treatments will cost a lot more though. In order to ensure that the treatment proceeds efficiently and the results are accurate, it’s necessary to be consistent when applying the required maintenance. Better to go in for professional treatment too.

Because the home maintenance kits aren’t nearly as good. LED is short for a light emitting diode. Used at different wavelengths, it is used to treat acne, reduce inflammation, promote anti-aging and skin hygiene. It’s a matter of personal choice. See a massage therapist or aesthetician or try your luck at home. It’s a case of stating the obvious. Given that it’s not expensive and it’s even therapeutic, paying a visit to your local beauty parlor is sure the better option.