Dentures are the final step in the tooth loss process.  When we are born we are given two sets of teeth. The first are our baby teeth that come in when we reach one years old and the second are our adult teeth that start to come in when we are six or seven.  After that we will have our teeth the rest of our lives as long as we take care of them.

To take care of our teeth we need to brush them.  If we don’t brush our teeth, they will begin to decay resulting in the need for dentures los angeles.  With dentures we will have to go through an entire process of removing our old teeth, or bits of teeth that we have left, then be fitted for the dentures.

Removing old teeth

Depending on if you are getting a partial set of dentures or if you are getting the entire mouth done, there will be a point where they will need to remove the old teeth from your mouth.  This can be done by pulling them or doing other extraction methods.  This is not going to be a pleasant experience.

Allow gums to heal

The next step is to allow your gums to heal.  This can take several weeks and will be a unique experience when you need to eat.  In the beginning you will need to eat liquids or soft foods since your teeth are no longer present.  After your gums heal you will then go in for the plate that will hold the teeth they install.

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Allow gums to heal again

Once your plate is installed you will need to let your gums heal again.  This will again take a few weeks.  Once it is done you will then go in for the final step which will be the installation of your teeth.

Install Teeth

When they install the teeth, they will screw them into the plate that was installed previously.  This will be a time-consuming process and there will be a point of adjustment.  When completed however, your mouth will be as good as new.